LDAP contextless login fails against OES DSfW server

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  • 07-Feb-2013
  • 07-Feb-2013


Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows
Open Enterprise Server
Domain Services for Windows (DSfW)
LDAP Contextless Login


When attempting to perform a LDAP Contextless Login lookup against an OES server configured with Domain Services for Windows (DSfW), the lookup fails. Error messages may include:

Invalid scope context specified. Searching will continue.

LDAP Contextless login: User not found after searching the trees on the following LDAP server(s):
<server address>


Configure Novell Client's LDAP Contextless Login to use port 1389 or 1636, instead of port 389 or 636 as you normally would.


It is expected that LDAP lookups will fail when using a DSfW server for LDAP lookups, when the typical LDAP configuration in the Novell Client is employed.

See OES 11 SP1: Domain Services for Windows Administration Guide
1.4 Key Differences Between the DSfW LDAP Server and the eDirectory Server

"When DSfW server is configured LDAP requests, such as Search and Modify, to a DSfW server on port 389 or 636 uses domain name format instead of eDirectory X.500 format. LDAP ports 1389 and 1636 are enabled to support LDAP requests using the traditional X.500 format and to behave as eDirectory ports."