iPrint on Citrix XenApp fails with iPrint USER printer

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  • 30-Jan-2013
  • 25-Jun-2013


Novell iPrint Client for Windows 5.x
Citrix XenApp 6.5


When a User is logged to a citrix session, his local printers are mapped into the Citrix session. The user can print to printers that are installed as iPrint workstation-defined printer but not to printers that are installed as iPrint user-defined printer.


To solve this issue, install the latest Citrix client for Windows. Citrix has solved problem with a patch.
Please contact citrix for the latest client fix.


User- defined printers work with native drivers. However, with the Citrix Universal Printer Driver, iPrint user defined printers do not work.  

If you have installed a iPrint-printer as an user-defined printer, iPrint will create this in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. The Citrix Universal Proxy Driver is not reading HKEY_CURRENT_USER. This is causing the above mentioned problem. The latest Citrix client is able to read the HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Additional Information

As of June 2013, Novell has received a report that the problem has returned.  This report has not been confirmed by Novell.  The report states that the problem can be worked around by back dating vdspl30n.dll, a file which belongs to the Citrix Client.  If you can confirm this issue, or have any other information on this problem, email patchfeedback@novell.com with the subject of, "iPrint User Printers fail with XenApp" and include as much information on the problem as you can in the body of the email.

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