Error: 80190194 received when attempting to check-in packages.

  • 7011713
  • 25-Jan-2013
  • 11-Mar-2013


NetIQ AppManager Enterprise 8.0.x
NetIQ AppManager Enterprise 7.0.x


When attempting to check packages into Control Center you encounter either of the following errors:

"BIT error 80190194"
"ERROR: The Web Depot server name is unknown. Please check the Deployment Web Service installation logs. You can manually set the server name under the Tools  Options menu from packagecheckin log."


This issue is specific to the end-users who have restrictive group policies that disable certain Windows services. Verify the Windows Task Scheduler service is enabled and running. If Windows Task Scheduler is not started, enable and start the Windows Task Scheduler service as follows:

  1. Select Start -> Settings -> click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Services.
  3. In the list of services, click Task Scheduler, then right click  and select properties.
  4. Task Scheduler properties window should open up.
  5. Change the Start Up type to Automatic.
  6. Click Start, and then click Close.

You should be able to check-in the packages once the service is up and running.

Remember to remove the Windows Task Scheduler Service from the GPO from your Active Directory.


The root cause of the issue is that the Windows Task Scheduler Service might not be enabled or running.  Background Intelligent Transfer Services (BITS) has a dependency for Windows Task scheduler.