Editing SecureLogin applicaiton definition to use the email address

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  • 25-Jan-2013
  • 01-Feb-2013


SecureLogin Application Definition Wizard


How to include the email address in a SecureLogin application definition
How to modify script to use email address instead of username
How to manually edit a definition created by the SecureLogin Wizard
Login name needs to be the email address
Login name must be converted to email address


Convert the application definition to text format and edit.  Use the the StrCat command.
1. In manage logins, go to the definition tab for the application and click the button to “Convert to Application Definition."
2. Locate and edit the line where the password is entered. It will look something like the following:
3. Insert the “StrCat” command into the script. 
Syntax should be:  StrCat <Variable> <Input-String1> <Input-String2>
StrCat creates a new variable from two input strings. This solution assumes that the email address is the username plus @something.  Example for a new variable for the email address:
StrCat ?newvariable $username “@something.com
4. Edit the “Type” command that enters the user name to enter ?newvariable instead $Username.