Download Location – SecretStore Utilities

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  • 24-Jan-2013
  • 24-Jan-2013


SecretStore utilities
SecretStore Manager
Novell Secret Store 3.4.x
NetIQ SecureLogin 7.x


Where can I find SecretStore files?
From what location can I download SSManager.exe?
Location of SS Management utilities


SSManager can be downloaded from the “patches” menu on From , click “Search patches,” select “SecretStore” from the product list drop down box, and then click “Search.”

Alternatively, SSManager can be downloaded directly from here.

To install, select the correct build for your system (32 or 64 bit), and copy the dll files into C:\Windows\System32.

Additional Information

SSManager is a graphical utility that, among other things, allows testing connectivity between the SecretStore client and the SecretStore server. It is a separate download. If you do not have the SecureLogin client installed in SecretStore mode as explained below, you will also need the dlls included in the download file.

SS Client flies will already exist on workstations where SecureLogin was installed with the the option to include SecretStore. There is no separate install for the SecretStore client. It is installed as part of the SecureLogin installation on workstations where the “SecretStore” check box was selected during the install. Check the SecureLogin “About” dialog to verify the presence of SecretStore; if the SecretStore client is present, the primary data store will include the word “SecretStore.”

SecretStore on the file server is a part of eDirectory, and is loaded by default when eDirectory is loaded. There is no separate download for server-side SecretStore files.