NSM fails to load. It Is getting the wrong server name back from xtier.

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  • 24-Jan-2013
  • 24-Jan-2013


Novell Storage Manager
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 4


When the NSMAGENT loads on an OES Linux server, it uses name resolution to figure out it's name, so that it can read it's GUID out of eDir and use that to register with the NSM engine.
The problem is, when the NSMAGENT loads, it is getting an incorrect server name back from xtier.

When the NSMAGENT loads it will get a random server name, which is one of the replica holding servers, back from xtier.
Xtier should return back its own name but is instead giving the name of one of the other servers in the replica ring.
Stopping SLP services; "rcslpd stop" allows it to register with the NSM engine.
LAN traces show that the server is not getting erroneous information from the SLP DA.


The DNS suffix or Top Level Domain for the server was the same as the tree name.
That is what was causing the problem.
Changing the Top Level Domain or DNS Suffix in the /etc/resolv.conf so that it does not match the tree name, resolved the problem.


NSMAAGENT will not allow the DNS Suffix  or Top Level Domain to be the same as the eDir Tree Name.