Customizing GroupWise 2012 WebAccess

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  • 24-Jan-2013
  • 21-Oct-2013


Novell GroupWise 2012 WebAccess


Companies would like to change the GroupWise WebAccess logos to logos representing their company or for other reasons.


The documentation that can be used as a reference guide can be found by referencing the GroupWise 2012 Admin guide, section 62.3.1 "Customizing the WebAccess User Interface with Your Company Logo" found at:
Example for SLES 11 / OES 11
  1. Copy the logo file in jpg, gif or any other format to /srv/www/htdocs (Example: logo.jpg). Make sure that the logo size is as mentioned in the Documentation
  2. Make sure that going to http://DNSforWebAccessURL/logo.jpg displays the logo
  3. Browse to /var/opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess and edit customization.cfg. If customization.cfg is not present, make a copy of customization.sample and rename it to customization.cfg.
  4. Change Company.Logo.Caption.alt to any text that should display when mouse is hovered over the logo
    Example - Company.Logo.Caption.alt=My GroupWise
  5. Change Company.Logo.Login.src to http://DNSforWebAccessURL/logo.jpg
    Example - Company.Logo.Login.src=
  6. Save the file and restart tomcat by typing rctomcat6 restart on SLES or rcnovell-tomcat6 on OES 11

Additional Information

It should be noted, that the documentation is there for a reference in order to help make customizing easier, and to help customers reduce the risk of breaking something in WebAccess.  It should be noted that customization of this nature is never supported by Novell, so customization should be done with caution.