9031 error starting an IDM driver on a new server

  • 7011686
  • 23-Jan-2013
  • 23-Jan-2013


NetIQ Identity Manager
Novell Identity Manager 4.0
Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1


After adding a new server to a Driver Set object, Drivers fail to start.  Looking at trace shows something like this:
Code(-9031) Global Configuration Value 'my-unique-GCV-name' not found: vnd.nds.stream://(path to driver)-Main-Validation#XmlData at line -1.
The error will be the same, but what comes after will change from driver to driver.


The new server is missing driver data specific to the server.  Things like GCV, named password and other driver information is stored on only on the server, not on the driver object.  To copy the data to the new server, do the following:
1 - Go to the Identity Manager overview page in iManager.
2 - Click on the driver status button (the one that is green or has a stopped button)
3 - Choose the option "copy"  That option will only show up if you have more than one server attached to the driver set.
4 - Follow the prompts to choose to copy the data from the source server from the original server to the new one.
5 - Validate that the attributes are copied over by going to the properties page of the driver and under each option, change the selected server to the new server.