Cannot restrict web access to certain users

  • 7011683
  • 23-Jan-2013
  • 12-Feb-2013


Novell GroupWise 2012


The file gwac.xml has been edited to grant access to only a limited set of users; however, all users are able to gain access to GroupWise via WebAccess.


Correct syntax errors in the file gwac.xml. These may include incorrectly nested comments (the sample file contains many commented lines, and if incorrectly edited, will cause the comments to be nested incorrectly or unterminated). They may also include tags that are unterminated. For example, a correctly terminated user specification would be

<user name="jsmith.po.domain" />

but this is incorrect:

<user name = "jsmith.po.domain">

because of the missing final slash.

In SLES, the gedit editor will color code the lines in an XML file and will mark as red any incorrectly nested comments. SLES will not however flag the missing slash in a <user> or <group> tag, so care must be taken when proofreading these.


When webaccess encounters a syntax error in the gwac.xml file, the file is ignored and no error indication is given. Instead, the effect is that of having an empty file, i.e. to allow access to all users.