How do I apply or update my NetIQ Analysis Center (AC) software license?

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  • 18-Jan-2013
  • 18-Jan-2013


NetIQ Analysis Center (AC) 2.7.x


A new install of NetIQ Analysis Center comes with a 90 day trial license.  After 90 days the license will expire and you either need to purchase a permanent licenses or request an extended trial license.
Also if you add more AppManager Components (agents) and you have not purchased more Analysis Center licenses to cover those new Agents, you might encounter error messages such as :
“Your license key does not match your current subscription and devices.”
“License violation on AppManager Data Warehousing single License Server component, either permanent licenses need to be procured and applied or an evaluation extension needs to be obtained.”


To apply a new or updated Analysis Center License:
  1. Login to the NetIQ Analysis Center Console (you may ignore the license violation error if persented).
  2. From NetIQ Analysis Center Console Menu, select Help.
  3. From the Help menu, select Manage Licenses.
  4. Add the License key; Ensure the license says “NetIQ AppManager Data Warehousing Single Server” and lists the quantity and expiration date.  NOTE: Do not apply NetIQ AppManager product licenses to NetIQ Analysis Center.
  5. Remove any expired NetIQ AppManager Data Warehousing Single Server licenses.
  6. If you have previously applied any NetIQ AppManager product licenses, remove those as well.
  7. Restart the NetIQ Analysis Center Console.

Your currently applied licenses will now be present in the Manage Licenses tool, and will be used automatically when needed.