How do I apply or update my NetIQ Change Guardian for Windows (CGW) software license?

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  • 17-Jan-2013
  • 15-Mar-2013


NetIQ Change Guardian for Windows 2.0 Service Pack 1-5


How do I apply or update my NetIQ Change Guardian for Windows (CGW) software license?
How do I apply or update the license key in Change Guardian for Windows (CGW)?
How do I upgrade my CGW license key?
How do I upgrade my trial CGW license key to a permanent CGW license key?


The current version of CGW 2.0.x relies on Security Manager as a host box.  If the CGW license is being added on top of a SM or CGW temp license, it will mostly likely fail to install. The cleanest way to apply a new license for CGW is to first remove all of the existing licenses. The existing licenses could include Security Manager, CGGP, CGW, and CGAD so make sure you have your original license so they can be reapplied in the proper order.

1.Make sure you have all of your NetIQ licenses available before starting this process.

2.If there is currently a production SM license applied and no CGW license, simply apply the CGW license. Open development console\global settings\lincense\apply license\browse to license\click okay. The license can also be added through the control center\tasks\launch module installer\settings\add license.

3.If there are temp licenses that need to be cleaned off before the new license can be applied then go to SQL server where the one point database is housed and run the followning query.  use onepoint delete license.  This will completely remove all entries in the license table.

4. Then try to open either Control center or development console.  Upon doing this a browse window will pop up and allow you to search for your license keys.

5. First apply your production Security Manager license key and then your Change guardian license keys.  After applying your Security manager license the CGW, CGGP, and CGAD keys can be applied in any order (if applicable).