Access Manager Appliance documentation does not provide any options to apply security updates

  • 7011621
  • 15-Jan-2013
  • 15-Jan-2013


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2
NetIQ Access Manager Appliance


Access Manager Appliance configured and running successfully ie. users can access protected resources behind the Access Gateway (AG) proxy after having successfully authenticated to the Identity Server (IDP) first. Before rolling the solution out into production, administrator needed to make sure that all security updates were applied. Trying to locate the procedure in the documentation, the administrator noticed that the option to update security patches was only available with the non single box appliance solution, but not with the appliance model this admin had setup.


The patch channel for the single box solution is not yet available but is being worked on by the product team. For now there is no options to install security updates to the appliance.