How to determine Novell Service Desk email recipients

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  • 21-Dec-2012
  • 21-Dec-2012


Novell Service Desk


Setting up the Novell Service Desk email option, an incorrect email account was entered in the Reply To field. This caused Novell Service Desk to take over the email account and create an incident for every email in the account, and send out an email notifying the email sender of the Novell Service Desk incident.


Running the following query, will help determine what emails were sent.

Select        [MAIL_LOG_ID]
            , [Mail_DATE]
            , [ADDRESSES]
            , [STATUS_KEY]
            , REASON_KEY]
            , [DIRECTION]
            , [SENDER]
            , [CONTENT]
FROM [nsd].[dbo].[MAIL_LOG]

Additional Information

The issue in one case where over 1000 emails were sent that day, and information was needed as to who the emails were sent to.