ipsmd fails to load during bootup (DNS name resolve problem), but can later be manually loaded

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  • 20-Dec-2012
  • 20-Dec-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server 2 Support Pack 3 Print Manager
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2


The Print Manager fails to autoload after a server restart.  If loaded manually some time after the server startup, the Print Manager loads fine.

'Chkconfig -l |grep ipsmd' shows that novell-ipsmd is enable in runlevel 3 and 5, which is the correct configuration to cause the Print Manager to load during bootup. 


Add the DNS name which the Print Manager is bound to the server's /etc/hosts file.

Note:  To find the address to which the Print Manager is bound, see the PSMHostAddress value within the  /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf file.


The DNS name can not be resolved at the time the Print Manager is attempting to load. By adding the DNS name to the server's /etc/hosts file, the name can be resolved earlier in the boot sequence.

Additional Information

The /var/opt/novell/log/iprint/ipsmd.log shows this error:

<Date and Time> INFO BindWithTypelessContext:trying iprint.myserver.com for 1 time
<Date and Time> INFO BindWithTypedContext: trying iprint.myserver.com for 1 time
<Date and Time> FATAL The iPrint Manager could not open a socket to the specified address, unknown, associated with DNS name iprint.myserver.com Error FFFFFFFF returned. The address associated with the DNS name must be local.