GPO is displayed as inaccessible in GPMC

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  • 12-Dec-2012
  • 12-Dec-2012


Open Enterprise Server 11SP1 (OES11SP1)
Domain Services for Windows


GPO is displayed as inaccessible in GPMC


This is normal for a GPO that is linked to the Domain Controllers container.  A link to a non existing GPO on the file system should exist, but only for the Domain Controllers container.

If  a container other than Domain Controllers has the gplink attribute populated, but no corresponding GPO exists in the /var/opt/novell/xad/sysvol/domain/Policies, delete the value in the gplink attribute.  Look for an object with the same name in CN=Policies,CN=System,<Mapped Domain Container> and delete the object if it exists.  Create a new GPO if desired.


The gplink attribute on the domain controllers container is pointing to a non existing GPO on the filesystem.

dn: ou=Domain Controllers,o=novell
gplink: [LDAP://CN={6AC1786C-016F-11D2-945F-00C04fB984F9},CN=Policies,CN=System,DC=novell,DC=com;0]