Error "Index was Outside the bounds of the array" when Configuring Linux Workload

  • 7011479
  • 10-Dec-2012
  • 01-Aug-2017


Linux source workload being migrated/protected to target virtual host/image server/physical machine. 


After discovering/adding a Linux workload and then trying to configure the migration/prepare for replication job, UI will display ERROR: "Index was outside the bounds of array".
Note: The error message as it appears can vary from Migrate to Protect. In Migrate, it could appear when dragging/dropping source to target or selecting the copy/move option by right clicking the workload. In Protect, the error message could appear on the next page after clicking the workload itself or selecting the workload and clicking "Configure" option.


Find out the partitions/folders which are mounted multiple times and unmount duplicate ones. Then the entries for same mount points also need to be commented out in "/etc/fstab" file on source linux workload. Once this is done, remove and re-add the workload or refresh discovery before configuring for migration/protection.


The cause of this behavior is that there are partitions on source workload which are mounted more than once (different mount points for same partition/folder). This is not supported by 
PlateSpin products. Currently, only one partition per mount point is supported.