Exchange Email events randomly are not triggering workflows unless rebooted

  • 7011457
  • 05-Dec-2012
  • 06-Jun-2013


Aegis 2.2
Netiq Secure Configuration Manager 5.9
SCM Aegis Adapter


Using the Exchange adapter in Aegis 2.2 to wait for an email with a certain subject, when it is found, a WF (workflow) should be triggered.  This works fine for a period of time and then it stops triggering.  The event is still located and represented in the console, but no WF is triggered.  If the server is rebooted, the WF is once aain triggered for a period of time, and then it stops again.  Sometimes this takes 2 days, other times its 2 hours.


Download and apply hotfix 7011457 from


There was an error in a data type in the mof file.