Error importing policy: 180 during Storage Manager upgrade

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  • 04-Dec-2012
  • 04-Dec-2012


Windows 2008R2
Active Directory
Novell Storage Manager 3.0


Novell Storage Manager 2.5 being upgraded to 3.0.

The NSM Migration Utility is run successfuly and policies are exported to a folder named after the domain


After the NSMEngine installion is completed, the NSM setup wizard will run when NSAdmin3 is run for the first time.
There is a checkbox to "Complete Migration" and this will look for the migrated policies in the Migration Staging Area Path.
If the "Complete Migration" box is checked the following error is returned for every policy

Policy #1 Parramatta Users: error - There is no security context to impersonate or to contain authenticated identity information. Error importing policy: 180

No policies have been imported into NSM.


Uncheck the "Complete Migration" and after the NSM setup is complete, Import Upgraded Policies from NSMAdmin, browse to Migration Staging Area Path and they will import successfully.

It may be necessary to rename the migrated policies folder from back to

The date stamp indicates they have already been imported


Reported to Engineering