Blank space is added in the value for some ADMX settings in GPA 6.6

  • 7011450
  • 04-Dec-2012
  • 22-Jan-2013


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 6.6


Some ADMX settings include blank spaces when indexed. As a result, GPA 6.6 does not find all GPOs when searching for GPOs using ADMX settings as the criteria.


To work around this issue do not include the version number in the search filter if you are using ADMX settings as the search criteria. Just use the first few characters of the setting name that extends up to (but does not include) the version number.


The Settings Report HTML file contains the extra blank space and it is an intensive process to remove the extra blank space before the HTML content is stored into the index files.  Since GPA parses all HTML content, looking for extra spaces and removing them would significantly degrade the indexing performance.