Sentinel Log Manager Appliance does not update through WebYast

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  • 03-Dec-2012
  • 03-Dec-2012


Sentinel Log Manager 1.2.0.x
Sentinel Log Manager when updating to SLES 11 SP2
Appliance update


While updating the Sentinel Log Manager Appliance the update does not appear to be applied.
Appliance update fails when using WebYast.
Appliance update is attempting an update to SLES11 SP2.


Use "zypper patch" from command line instead of WebYast. 

To upgrade the appliance:
  1. Back up your configuration, then create an ESM export. For more information, see "Backing Up and Restoring Data" in the NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager Administration Guide.

  2. Log in to the appliance console as the root user.

  3. Run the following command:

    /usr/bin/zypper patch

  4. Enter 1 to accept the deinstallation of packages.

  5. Enter Y to proceed.

  6. Enter yes to accept the license agreement.

  7. Restart the Sentinel appliance.


When an update to the appliance requires a EULA acceptance or user intervention such as dependency questions, the update must be done via zypper instead of WebYast.

Additional Information

Sample output when using zypper:
# zypper patch
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Resolving package dependencies...

Problem: libvirt-0.7.6-1.21.1.x86_64 requires, but this requirement cannot be provided
deleted providers: parted-1.8.8-102.23.1.x86_64
uninstallable providers: parted-1.8.8-102.14.1.x86_64[sentinel_log_manager_1100_64_xen_x86_64-Updates]
Solution 1: Following actions will be done:
deinstallation of libvirt-0.7.6-1.21.1.x86_64
deinstallation of coreutils-lang-6.12-32.26.1.x86_64
Solution 2: do not install patch:update-19.noarch
Solution 3: break libvirt by ignoring some of its dependencies

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/3/c] (c): 1
Resolving dependencies...