Can't delete custom agent and system properties

  • 7011394
  • 19-Nov-2012
  • 05-Dec-2012


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.9


This hotfix includes a new stored procedure, SPDeleteServerAgentAttribute, that enables you to

remove custom attributes from the properties that define the agents and systems in your asset map. For example, you might have added a property that specifies the department to which a system belongs, and you no longer want to use that property.


Download and apply Hotfix 7011293 from
This stored procedure must be executed in a query e.g.: (where xxx is the name of the user defined server or agent attribute to be deleted.)

use VigilEnt
exec spdeleteserveragentattribute 'xxx'


No process to remove custom added properties existed in SCM.


Reported to Engineering