Problems accessing secured Vibe sites with Firefox.

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  • 16-Nov-2012
  • 16-Nov-2012


Novell Vibe OnPrem 3


You have purchased official certificate and secured Tomcat part of the Vibe server. Accessing the Vibe site via HTTPS works fine for all browsers but a Firefox.
You might get message displayed - Error code: ssl_error_internal_error_alert when trying to hit initial login site. If you go into into Tools | Options | Advance tab and deactivate "Use TLS 1.0" option, then you can access this site also with the Firefox.
You might also see problems with File Upload java applet within File folder when you want to upload new file using drag&drop feature. This can be also fixed by de-selecting TLS 1.0 option in the Firefox.


This is know issue of the JDK 1.7 version used on Linux sever running Vibe. Downgrading JDK to 1.6 is a way to get the Firefox working also with TLS 1.0.