IDM 4.0 DCS driver recommended batch settings

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  • 05-Nov-2012
  • 11-Nov-2014


NetIQ Identity Manager
Novell Identity Manager 4.0


Trying to set the DCS batch settings.  What is recommended?


The three parameters which are used to modulate the event synchronization are meant to optimize the synchronization in various setups. For example, if on an average, the events-frequency in an IDM setup is not high, in that case keeping the batch-size and number of batches less will do the job. When we have an average frequency of events, the default values provided would be close to the optimal but in the case when we have a high event frequency, keeping the batch size and number of batches to a higher value and keeping the time interval between submitting events to a low value will do the job
(here higher and lower values are relative terms.)

So these parameters should basically ensure/optimize/modulate three things:

1.) No data loss (lower number of batches and lower batch-size may cause data loss)

2.) Real time availability of data in the dcs service (higher number of batches and higher batch-size and higher the time interval may lead to data unavailability in the dcs service for a long time)

3.) Optimize idle time for the batch thread (higher the batch-size and higher the time interval may lead the batch-thread to sit idle for a long time and then hyper-active for a longtime)

But in the case of migration for such a large number of users, the events get stored in the engine-cache in a short amount of time, which makes the event frequency very high to ensure the above mention three tasks. So, you cannot optimize the synchronization time, ensuring no data loss.
NOTE:  With the DSC driver patch found here:
the default values should be changed to the following:

Maximum number of batches in the file -> 5

Number of events to be sent in batch -> 5

Time interval between submitting events -> 2