Unwanted reboot of device after deployment

  • 7011307
  • 05-Nov-2012
  • 09-Jan-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 Deployment
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2


Device reboots automatically after deployment although the agent is configured to not reboot the device and the deployment task is configured with "manual" as reboot option. The behavior could be observed only when no user is logged in on the target device.  


This is fixed in version 11.2.4 - see KB 7012027 "ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at

In order to use the "manual" reboot option when no user is logged in , the additional option "Do not prompt for reboot" in the the configuration of the deployment task needs to be active.