iFolder Administration System Excluded Files Does Not Allow deny/allow Rules to be Changed

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  • 30-Oct-2012
  • 30-Oct-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux
Novell iFolder 3.9


After an Allow/Deny rule has been added in the iFolder Administration console | System tab, that rule cannot be modified.  

This can be seen by selecting a rule, then selecting the opposite of what that rule is (i.e. pick a file that has 'deny' as the policy, then select 'allow').  Then click 'Save'
The rule reverts back to its initial value, and is still enforced by the iFolder server.


This is a defect and has been reported to engineering.

As a work around, delete the rule that needs to be modified.

Additional Information

Server info:

Duplication steps:

iFolder Administration console | System
Add a file type such as *.mp3, click Add 
Click 'Save'

There should now be an exclusion in place for the file type entered

Select the exclusion that was just created, then click 'Allow' (Note: at this
point, the file type should display 'Allow')

Click 'Save'
Notice that 'Allow' reverts back to 'Deny'

From a client workstation an attempt to upload this type of file will fail
based on policy.

The only way to make it allow that file type again is to deleted the policy.