SSPR is not able to search for user on forgotten password page

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  • 26-Oct-2012
  • 29-Oct-2012


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 2.0


SSPR is not able to search for user.
The follow error is returned when searching for user on forgotten password page:
The username is not valid or does not have a configured response.
{5006 ERROR_RESPONSES_NORESPONSES (stored response set for user <name> do not meet current challenge set requirements: multiple responses have the same value) }


Remove any extra spaces in the questions listed in the PwmConfiguration file.
In this case there was an extra space in one of the questions in the "challenge.randomChallenges" section of the PwmConfiguration.xml file.  The problem was caused by an extra space between the words "the" and "name" in the following configuration question:
What is the  name of your grandfather? (per config file)
What is
the name of your grandfather? (what it should have been)

Additional Information

Other troubleshooting:
Run or rerun the schema extension tool to make sure rights are correctly assigned for the SSPR attributes.