Formfill policy generates core when 'Insert text in header' is enabled

  • 7011252
  • 25-Oct-2012
  • 16-May-2013


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2


When using Access Manager 3.2 apache based Access Gateway to perform formfill, if "Insert Text in header" is enabled it can cause a segmentation fault in Apache and the form will not get filled as a result.


Reported to engineering, will be addressed in post 3.2sp1 code.  Please contact Novell Technical Services for updated patch if required prior to public release.


Bug in apache based Access Gateway code.

Additional Information

1) Enabled 'Insert text in header' and pass value for one of the field which is
there in the form
3) Enable auto submit and Mask data
4) Attach the form fill policy to a protected resource
5) Access protected resource, fill form values
6) Apache crashes

EXPECTED RESULTS : Form should be filled.

ACTUAL RESULTS : Apache crashes when accessing the form.