XenDesktop 5.5/5.6 support with DSfW

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  • 24-Oct-2012
  • 25-Oct-2012


Open Enterprise Server 2SP3 (OES2SP3)
Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES11)
Open Enterprise Server 11SP1 (OES11SP1)
Domain Services for Windows


Is Citrix XenDesktop 5.5/5.6 supported with DSfW?
Is Citrix XenDesktop 5.5/5.6 compatible with DSfW?


Check Citrix compatibility tab @
Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) » Citrix Ready 

Other useful references
Open Enterprise Server 11 » Citrix Ready
Open Enterprise Server 2 » Citrix Ready

The complete support will be made available in upcoming November 2012 maintenance release. Until then, to get this working, you need to move on to OES2SP3, OES11 and OES11SP1 September 2012 maintenance patch and apply an FTF on top of September 2012 maintenance patch and eDir 8.8.7 Patch 2 which will be available through Novell Technical Support.

Issues the patches resolve with regards to XenDesktop are: 

1. Quick deploy option disabled.  (This is fixed with November 2012 Maintenance Patch)

2. Domain Dn cannot NULL error.  (Apply September 2012 Maintenance Patch)

3. Machine creation fails at later stage.  (The November 2012 Maintenance Patch with edir 887sp2 patch + FTF will address this issue.)

Additional Information

The November 2012 Maintenance Patch and 8.8.7 patch 2 are scheduled to be released sometime after November 30th.
Contact Novell Support if patches are needed before the patches are released.