What does JCO Exception refer to when receiving an error with the SAP Connector?

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  • 11-Jul-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012


When aggregating an SAP connector, you may see an error that refers to a JCO Exception. These errors are a part of the standard SAP Java Class, meant to help you understand what is happening within the connection as described below:

public JCO.Exception(int group,
                     java.lang.String key,
                     java.lang.String message)

Creates an instance of the error object with the specified message
        group - the error group
        key - error code to identify the error
        message - the specified detail message.

Method Detail

public final int getGroup()

    Returns the error group.

    The error group can be one of the following constants:
    Constant                                                                 Description
    JCO_ERROR_ABAP_EXCEPTION                        An exception has been thrown by a function module in the remote system
    JCO_ERROR_APPLICATION_EXCEPTION         An application exception has occurred in the remote SAP system
    JCO_ERROR_CANCELLED                                   A registered JCo server has been cancelled
    JCO_ERROR_COMMUNICATION                        Exception caused by network problems, connection breakdowns, gateway problems, SAP System down, etc.
    JCO_ERROR_CONVERSION                                A conversion between two representations of either a parameter, structure, or table field has failed
    JCO_ERROR_FIELD_NOT_FOUND                     A referenced field in either a JCO.ParameterList, JCO.Structure, or JCO.Table does not exist
    JCO_ERROR_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND            A function interface or one of the data structures could not completely be retrieved from the repository
    JCO_ERROR_ILLEGAL_TID                                  An invalid transaction ID has been encountered. The TID was either longer than 24 characters or contained illegal characters
    JCO_ERROR_INITIALIZATION                              An initialization process failed
    JCO_ERROR_INTERNAL                                       An exception inside of JCo
    JCO_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE                          Authorization failures during the logon phase usually caused by unknown username, wrong password, invalid certificates, etc.
    JCO_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED                        A feature is not being supported by the current version of JCo
    JCO_ERROR_NULL_HANDLE                              An internally used connection handle is invalid
    JCO_ERROR_PROGRAM                                     A general program exception has occurred
    JCO_ERROR_PROTOCOL                                   An internal communication protocol error has been detected
    JCO_ERROR_RESOURCE                                   Indicates that JCO has run out of resources such as connections in a connection pool
    JCO_ERROR_SERVER_STARTUP                      Something went wrong during the startup phase of a JCo server usually caused by passing a wrong gateway host or gateway service
    JCO_ERROR_STATE_BUSY                                The remote SAP system is busy. Try again later
    JCO_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE                        A system failure in the remote SAP system has occurred
    JCO_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CODEPAGE     Either the remote SAP system or the local systems runs under a codepage which is not supported by JCo
    JCO_ERROR_XML_PARSER                                A parse error due to an invalid XML document has occurred
    JCO_ERROR_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT                  An illegal method argument has been detected
    JCO_ERROR_CONCURRENT_CALL                   A concurrent method call has been detected

Having the actual stack trace for the JCO Exception is important as the information will help us assist you in determining the root cause of the issue.

If you have ran the SAP connector successfully before, but begin to run into issues, you may want to read this document for any changes that may have occurred between versions:


Please remember that providing a stack traace or log output to Support when you receive a JCO Exception is necessary in order for us to assist you with troubleshooting the issue at hand.