The differences between delegation, reassignment and forwarding

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  • 15-Apr-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012


Below are the differences between delegation, reassignment and forwarding:

Delegate -  This can be used for single line items or a whole entity.  The delegated item/entity remains part of the original certification and a workitem is sent to the delegate which allows them to make decisions onthe item(s).  When they complete the workitem the decisions they made are merged back on to the appropriate items.  The cert owner can revoke thedelegation at any time and make new decisions.  There is also an option to require the certifier to review the decisions made by a delegate before theitems are considered complete.

Reassign -  This is sort of a bulk delegation.  When this is done, the items are removed from the original cert and put into a new child cert which is sent to thereassignment owner.  The original cert owner can recall this certification andthe items will be merged back into the parent. There is also a setting to automatically return reassigned items to the parent cert upon sign off.  If the items are not returned, the original owner cannot sign off until thereassignment is completed andsigned off.

Forward -  In both cases above, the original certifier is still ultimately responsible for the completion of all items.  Forwarding is quite different.  It passes all responsibility for the certification from the original owner to a new user.  A forwarded cert cannot be recalled.  The original owner can no longer make decisions onthe cert once it is forwarded (with a few exceptions based on their Access Governance Suite capabilities).