Task Definition determines the inclusion of the Excel and PDF icons

  • 7011202
  • 18-Jul-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012


You may notice that some of your Aggregation Results include an Excel and PDF icon that allow you  to download the results as either a CSV file or a PDF file by clicking on either an Excel icon or PDF icon. However, the presence of these icons may not be consistent throughout all of your aggregation tasks and this may appear confusing at first glance. You may wonder why are these icons not present for all of my tasks?

The answer lies in the way that these icons are triggered by Access Governance Suite. These icons are created and activated by the Task Definition object in Access Governance Suite itself. The way to understand this is to drill-down into the Task Definition to the locale where the task page shows:

Actions to include in the task result

To the right of this text, you will notice seven (7) different options which are made available to you:

  • Correlate Manual
  • Correlate Maintain
  • Correlate New Account
  • Correlate Reassign
  • Create New identity
  • Ignore
  • Remove Account

When you select one or more of these options, then the Icons will appear for the task results and allow you to download the results locally. Unless one or more of these options are selected though, no icons appear by default for the aggregation task results.