Support Portal Too Small

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  • 20-Mar-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012


As a client, you have three ways to contact NetIQ Support as described in the NetIQ Support Guide. From reading the guide, you know that you will need to gather some basic information prior to opening a case to help speed the resolution of your case:

Before opening a case, make sure to have all of the information below:
1) Name:__________
2) Company:______________
3) Email:____________
4) Phone: _____________
5) Exact Product Version and Patch Level _____________
6) Using LCM? (Y/N): ______
7) Problem Occurrence Location: Test, Stage, Production? ___________
8) Step-by-step recreation of issue _____________
9) Expected outcome and actual result _____________
10) All XML objects used and required to be included in case: ____________
11) System Logs from the App Server _____________

All of this information assists the Support Engineer who may takes the case randomly from the queue to determine facts required in order to properly test and reproduce the issue as reported.

If you choose the Support Portal online, you will quickly become aware of a limitation that exists in inputting all of that relevant data in the allowable space for typing.

NetIQ Support is aware of the issue, and recommends the following workaround:

1) Gather the information for the Checklist as stated above
2) Place this information into a Word or Text file as desired
3) Any XML objects such as Application Definitions, Certifications, Rules, etc., should be exported from the console for attachment as separate objects and compressed
4) Use the Support Portal entry space as a Summary description field of the issue, a short description of the problem
5) Submit the short description along with the supporting documentation described in the checklist with the case

Both NetIQ Support and Clients can see attachments in cases now, this previous limitation has been corrected. We are aware of the input size limitation as well, but do suggest this as a workaround for all clients in order to gather the necessary information in order to provide you with timely and accurate support.