Subordinate Certifications

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  • 07-Jul-2010
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


Subordinate Certifications

Subordinate certifications are any certifications that must be completed before the top-level certification can be considered complete. Examples of subordinate certifications are any groups of identities that you reassign, or any lower-level, subordinate, manager certifications. Lower-level manager certifications can be created when Manager Certifications are scheduled and might be required as part of that process.

Subordinate certifications are not displayed as part of the certification list and do not reflect as part of the completion status for this certification. When specified, subordinate certifications must be in a complete state before the top-level certification can be signed off on.

An expandable label, Certifications, displays with the Certification Information if subordinate certifications exist. Click Certifications to expand a table containing the following information:

  • Name - The name and descriptive information about the top-level certification.
  • Owner - The current owner of the subordinate certification requests.
  • Percent Complete - The percentage of the subordinate certification that has been acted upon and is in a complete state.
  • Open - The number of subordinate items that are still in the open state.
  • Completed - The number of subordinate items that are in the completed state.
  • Delegated - The number of subordinate items that were delegated by the current owner to different users.
  • Action - Click an icon to specify an action to be taken on the subordinate certification.
    • Return - return the subordinate certification items to the certificate from which they were generated and delete the subordinate certification.
    • Email - generate an email to send to the owner of the original certification.
    • Forward - forward the subordinate certification to a different, qualified certifier.