Setting up redirection of certification emails for testing purposes

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  • 11-Aug-2010
  • 19-Oct-2012


The "System Setup -> Identity IQ Configuration" page shows the following email-settings fields:

Default SMTP Host and Port
Default From Address
Redirection Email Address
Redirection File Name

When the Email Notification Type dropdown selects SMTP, then the Access Governance Suite logic uses the SMTP host, port and (default) From Address when composing and sending emails to (workflow-defined) users.

When the Email Notification Type dropdown selects Redirecting, then the Redirection Address and Path specify an alternate location to send emails. The Access Governance Suite logic checks for a non-empty filename value (to write all emails to a specific file) and then checks the email address (to send all emails to a specific email address) .

The "System Setup -> Audit Configuration" page includes options on email sent and email failure actions. After selecting these actions, then the "Analyze -> Advanced Analytics -> Audit Search" page queries on these audited actions.

An easy way to send an email message from Access Governance Suite uses the "Certification Owner Status" content item from the Dashboard feature.

The following steps configure and run a report on email sent/failure actions:

  1. Go to "System Setup" -> "Audit Configuration"
  2. Select "Email Sent" and "Email Failure" actions
  3. Click "Save"
  1. Go to "Dashboard"
  2. Select "Edit Dashboard" icon
  3. Drag "Certification Owner Status" to "Your Content" list
  4. Save new dashboard content configuration
  5. Click on icon in "Certification Owner Status" on dashboard
  6. Choose a recipient (that has an email address)
  7. Click "Send"
  8. Check for email traffic/log
  1. Go to "Analyze" -> "Advanced Analytics" -> "Audit Search"
  2. Select "Start Date" and set to one month ago
  3. Click "Date","Action","Source","Target","Value 1" fields to display
  4. Click "Run Search"