SAP Connector Support of Secure Transport Protocol

  • 7011185
  • 21-May-2012
  • 19-Oct-2012


If SAP's Secure Network Communications (SNC) layer is in use on the SAP side of the connection, Remote Function Calls (RFC) can be encrypted through the Access Governance Suite SAP Full connector.

Perform the following steps to configure the encrypted connection:

    1. Create a file named "saprfc.ini" on the Connector Manager host machine with the contents shown below. The fully qualified filename to this file (path and filename combined) must be shorter than 32 characters and should not contain any spaces. (e.g. C:\rfctest\saprfc.ini)
      DEST=<absolute pathname of saprfc.ini file,  e.g. C:\rfctest>
      ASHOST=<Hostname or IP address of an R/3 Application Server>
      SYSNR=<2-digit R/3 System number>
      SNC_PARTNERNAME=<Partner SNC name>
      SNC_LIB=<Path and file name of the customer's SNC library,  e.g. /appl/local/pmsap03/tsy/eBEST-SNC/sparc>

      NOTE: For more information, refer to SAP's RFCSDK Guide, section 9.3 Type 'A' Entries on page 70.

    2. Set the Environment variable RFC_INI (on the CM host) to the absolute path or file name of saprfc.ini file.  e.g. RFC_INI=c:\rfctest\saprfc.ini or RFC_INI=c:\rfctest
    3. Set these MSCSPARAM.PRM parameters as shown:
      SAP_CLIENT: <3-digit SAP system client number you want to connect to>
      SAP_SIDEINFO_DEST: <The absolute pathname of saprfc.ini file, e.g. C:\rfctest>