Request Scheduler care and feeding

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  • 27-Oct-2011
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


By default,Access Governance Suite applet starts scheduler threads for tasks and requests.  The task scheduler manages the scheduled tasks objects (as shown in the UI page). The request scheduler handles assorted requests (as shown in the UI's "direct URL" page):

URL: http://localhost/identityiq/monitor/requests/requests.jsf

The Access Governance Suite request scheduler thread polls for entries every 10 secs.  The types of request include email (most common), provisioning or integration events, launching workflows, and identity updates related to aggregation/certification operations. The class prints
debug-level trace msgs (when cfg-ed in



The following procedures keep Access Governance Suite from sending emails
and prune completed requests from the repository.

A) To redirect all emails to dev null

browse to "System Setup"->"Access Governance Suite Configuration" -> "Miscellaneous"
under "Email Settings" section
set "Email Notification Type" to "Redirecting"
set "Redirection File Name" to "/dev/null" ("NUL" on Windows)
click "Save"

B) To prune completed requests, set the global max age by
   editing the System Configuration object (no UI hook):

        <entry key='requestMaxAge' value='1'/>

The value is number of days with zero meaning forever.
The expiration starts from request creation, not completion.
After setting the attr, then run "Perform Maintenance" with
"Prune requests" option enabled.