Prevent forwarding of certifications

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  • 10-May-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012



How do I prevent forwarding of certifications from the following UI pages:

  1. "Access Review Owner Status" dashboard widget (right arrow icon)
  2. Dashboard inbox


  1. Edit the following file:


    and remove the following lines:

    <h:outputLink value="javascript:forwardCertificationWorkItem('#{}', 'viewDashboard')">
    <h:graphicImage url="/images/icons/delegate.gif" style="margin:3px"/>

    This will remove the forwarding button and the ability from that page.

  2. Edit the following file:


    Change these lines:

    new{text: '#{msgs.menu_edit}', handler: NetIQ.Dashboard.Grid.WorkItem.viewWorkItemOrCert, iconCls: 'editBtn'}),
    new{text: '#{msgs.menu_forward}', handler: NetIQ.Dashboard.Grid.WorkItem.forwardFromMenu, iconCls: 'forwardBtn'})

    To just this:

    new{text: '#{msgs.menu_edit}', handler: NetIQ.Dashboard.Grid.WorkItem.viewWorkItemOrCert, iconCls: 'editBtn'})

DISCLAIMER:If you edit any of these files and upgrade to a future identityIQ patch, you will need to edit that new file accordingly after a subsequent patch installation.