Pass-Through Authentication and Single Sign-On

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  • 02-Feb-2012
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


User access to the Access Governance Suite application is controlled through an authentication process in which the user's sign-on credentials are validated against an authentication source. 


The Access Governance Suite web application can be configured by the system administrator to perform this authentication in one of three ways:

               1.  Internal Access Governance Suite authentication (default)

               2.  Pass-Through Authentication (PTA) Configuration

               3.  Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration

By default, Access Governance Suite authenticates users against its internal user Identity records. However, Pass-Through Authentication and Single Sign-On can be enabled and configured through the Access Governance Suite user interface.  In fact, Access Governance Suite is not limited to using just one authentication mechanism at a time; multiple authentication methods can be used together.