Oracle11gR2 and ojdbc6.jar Tech Note

  • 7011160
  • 29-May-2012
  • 19-Oct-2012


For clients running Oracle 11gR2 and Java 6, you may wish to utilise the ojdbc6.jar file that ships with the Oracle database versus the ojdbc14.jar file that ships standard with Access Governance Suite. The reasons for shipping the ojdbc14.jar file are that it offers the greatest compatibility across systems and does not impose restrictions on clients who do not yet utilise Oracle 11gR2 or that dialect  in their environment.

In order to utilise the ojdbc6.jar file from Oracle, you will need to copy that jar file from your Oracle instance into the $SPHOME/WEB-INF/lib/ directory and remove the ojdbc14.jar file from the same directory within your web application server environment that provides Access Governance Suite. Shut down your server and restart the server and it should begin utilising the newly provided ojdbc6.jar file.

We would expect to see better performance with this newer jar file, but this is provided by Oracle specifically for their database and is designed specifically for this back end repository. NetIQ is agnostic to the repository dependency and will work with the provided tools.