Item was revoked but has not been removed - UI msg from cert item page

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  • 16-Jan-2012
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


IIQ UI displays the msg "Item was revoked but has not been removed" as a notice of an earlier decision and is NOT an error per se.  The "<IIQ DIR>/manage/certification/certificationItemDecsion.xhtml" file checks if an cert item's last decision was a remediation.  If so, then the file generates HTML code to display the msg.


The msg appears when 2 or more certs include the same entitlement.  Any later certifier sees the msg whenever the prior certifier decided to revoke the entitlement (and signed off on the cert).  The certification detail view  page shows the msg after Access Governance Suite creates a work item for (entitlement) remediation yet before any activity clears the item (such as a later item approval or identity refresh).

Several ways to clear the msg:

1) Clear msg by (re)deciding cert item
NOTE: item approval and cert signoff changes latest decision

2) Clear msg by completing remediation decision
a) change application data
b) mark Access Governance Suite remediation workitem as complete
c) aggregate application
d) refresh target identity

3) Clear msg by changing xhtml to not check for remediation
NOTE: customizes Access Governance Suite UI file for all future envs