Is there a way to Uninstall or Disable LCM after Enabling it?

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  • 27-Apr-2011
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


Is there a way to Uninstall or Disable LCM after Enabling it?


Although there is no real uninstall of LCM once you have imported the int-lcm.xml file , you can disable its function. This will require that you edit the System Configuration file . You will need to login to Access Governance Suite and switch to the Debug page , if you are unfamiliar with it it will be something like this "http://localhost:8080/identityiq/debug/debug.jsf" substituting your host name.

Once there select System Configuration, this will bring up the system configuration xml file. Search for this entry key <entry key="lcmEnabled" value="true"/> and change it to <entry key="lcmEnabled" value="false"/>, scroll to the bottom and press the save button. Now you need to be very careful here and this affects the whole system , I suggest a backup be made of this file before any changes are made.

This will remove the LCM icons from the UI but there will still be LCM entries in the system configuration and you will still see an entry for the Lifecycle Dashboard in the Dashboard drop down list. Clearing out everything LCM related would be quite messy and not recommended as unpredictable results may occur.