How to Reassign Certification

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  • 08-Jul-2010
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


How to Reassign Certification


Bulk reassignment enables you to reduce cumbersome certification lists by reassigning items to appropriate certification approvers. For example, if you are the assigned approver of an application with thousands of identities, you can use this feature to reassign identities by department or manager.

Reassignment can be performed from the worksheet, identity list, account group list, or role list views.

Automatic reassignment or forwarding of all certifications assigned to you can be set using the Forwarding User field on the Edit Preferences page. If you select a forwarding user all work items, including certification requests, are sent to that user.

Required Authorization

You must be the owner or delegated approver of a certification to take action. You might be able to view another Access Governance Suite user's certifications, but they appear as read only.


  1. Select items for reassignment using the check-boxes in the left-hand column. Use the multi-select box at the top of the column to select multiple items at one time. Use the filter and column sort options to sort the list of items for reassignment by shared characteristics such as role, manager, location, or organization.
  2. Click Reassign from the Select Bulk Action drop-down list to display the Reassign Items dialog.
  3. Enter the following information in the reassignment pop-up dialog.
    • Recipient - enter the full name of the approver to whom you are reassigning this work item. Entering the first few letters of a name displays a suggestion list of valid users with names containing that letter string.
    • - OR -
      Select an assignee from the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu might contain options such as assign to self, assign to manager, or assign to application owner.
    • Description - (optional) a brief description of the item being reassigned.
    • Comment - (optional) any additional information needed.
  4. Click Reassign to reassign this certification and return to the Certification Report page. The Percentage Complete bar is updated to reflect the changes and the selected items are removed from the list and do not reflect as part of the completion status for this certification. All reassigned items must be acted upon, however, before you can sign-off on a periodic certification.