How to Perform Certifications

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  • 08-Jul-2010
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


How to Perform Certifications


Use the following information to complete certifications. There are numerous ways to move through the Access Governance Suite application. As you become familiar with the product and tailor it to fit the functions of your job, you will discover the method that works best for you.When you begin a certification you are taken to one of the following views depending on the configuration of the product and your personal preference settings. Your personal preferences overwrite those defined during the product configuration. 

The worksheet displays the individual line items that are assigned to the identities within identity-type certifications. Identity-type certifications are Manager, Application Owner, Advanced, Identity, and Role Membership certifications. Click on a line item to display the Certification Decisions tab for the identity with which the item is associated.

The list views display the top-level items that make up a certification; identities, account groups, or roles. Click on a top-level item to display the Certification Decision tab containing detailed information about that item. 

The Certification Decisions tab displays detailed information about one entity (identity, account group, or role) being certified. 

Required Authorization

You must be the owner or delegated approver of a certification to take action on any of the items within the certification; however, System Administrators and Certification Administrators can take action on all certification items whether they own the certification or not. You might be able to view another Access Governance Suite user's certifications, but they appear as read only.


Certifications are performed from the Certification Report page. 

1. View your Certification Reports page:

  • Click the Manage tab, or mouse over the tab and select My Certifications to display the Certifications page. Click on a certification request.
    - OR -
  • Click on a certification request in your Inbox on the Dashboard.

2. Perform one of the following actions on each item included in the Certification Request:

 Note: Not all of these decision options are available at all times.

  • Reassign 
  • Approve 
  • Delegate  
  • Allow Exception 
  • Revoke or Edit Access 
  • Revoke Account 
  • Allow Violation
  • Correct Violation 

3. Sign off on a periodic certification or complete a continuous certification task before for it is over- due.

Note: All items must be in the Complete state before the sign off option is available. 

You must sign off on a periodic certification before it is considered complete. To sign off on the certification, click Sign Off in the top portion of the Certification Report page and select Finish on the Sign Off on Certification pop-up dialog.

If the challenge period for revocations is active, you cannot sign off on a certification until one of the following conditions is met:

  • All items are complete and the challenge period is not active or no revocation decisions were made.
  • The certification is in the challenge phase and all items are completed and any revocation decisions have progressed through the challenge procedure.
  • The challenge period has expired.