How to compare Access Governance Suite environments

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  • 05-Apr-2011
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


Sometimes customers have questions about the synchronization between multiple environments.  If the deployment follows a proper source control, build, and deployment process this should never be a problem. But since a user does have the power to modify the environment via the UI the synchronization can fall out of line.  The attached java class will help you get the iiq export from each environment and cut out unwanted objects, order items by type, and allow you to use beyond compare to find differences between the configurations.  The source code has usage and comments so it should be self explanatory.  



1) Export the entire configuration for each environment.  Use the export flags to strip all ids, created dates, and other unwanted instance specific information.

export -clean=id,created,modified<prod/uat>.xml

2) Modify the java class to exclude objects you are not interested in.

3) Compile and run the class using the usage specified in the file.

IIQConfigCompare -trim <inputFile> <outputFile>

IIQConfigCompare -trim uat.xml uatCleaned.xml

4) Use a tool like beyond compare to see differences between configurations.

6) After this use beyond compare's directory compare functionality to show you differences in the file system.  This will allow you to identify class file, xhtml, or other customizations that differ between environments.

With these two artifacts you should have a complete picture of the relevant diffrences between two environments.