How to Add a Field to the Identity Cube like Department, Location and Cost Center etc.

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  • 26-Jan-2012
  • 19-Oct-2012


1) Make a Backup of your current UI Configuration then

2) Locate the following line :

<entry key="identityViewAttributes" value="name,firstname,lastname,email,manager"/>

 And modify the line to add what you want.  In this example we use department:

<entry key="identityViewAttributes"  value="name,firstname,lastname,email,manager,department"/>

3) Now go to the System Setup tab and select Identity Mappings and press the Add New Attribute.

4) Fill in the Attribute name exactly as it is in your Application Schema Account Attributes., add the Display name as you want it to appear. In the Advanced Options make the selections you want, typically Searchable and Group Factory if the attribute needs to be used create groups that then can be used for analytical purposes throughout Access Governance Suite.

5) Now on the bottom under Source Mappings press the Add Source Mapping button and a PopUp window will appear, select your Application from the list and press Add.

6) If you now go to Define Identities and select an Identity you will see Department displayed in the cube. To Populate this field you will have to rerun the Application Aggregation Task and then the Refresh Identity Task.