How do I enable log4j tracing from the Debug page?

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  • 03-Feb-2012
  • 19-Oct-2012


This feature was introduced in version 5.2 and patch level 5.1p6 to enable log4j to be re-initialized from the Debug page. This enables changes to be made to the log4j file without stopping and restarting the Application Server.

The session bean sets the default location:
Server File Path <IIQ DIR>/WEB-INF/classes/

Whatever tracing you have in place in this file will be written to the location specified in the log messages section
### direct log messages to File ###

The feature also allows you to reload a new log4j from a different location by clearing out the current entry and typing in the new location such as:

This new log4j file will now control all logging and the output is directed to whatever location is specified in that log4j
### direct log messages to File ###

Because the DebugBean is a session bean if your session times out or you logout and back in the default location will appear back in the path field: Server File Path <IIQ DIR>/WEB-INF/classes/

But the actual log being used is still the log you specified on your Reload. If the Reload button is pressed again whatever is in the Server File Path will be loaded and used.  If the application server is restarted it will also be reset to the default.

Caution must be taken so that more then one spadmin isn't reloading the log4j file as the last one will wipe out the previous one.

Also if you have something you want to trace like a task and that task is already running, once you make a change to your log4j file and reload it, tracing will begin at that point.