How can I stop a Task using the iiq console.

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  • 13-Jan-2012
  • 02-Nov-2012


NetIQ Access Governance Suite


How can I stop a Task using the iiq console?


If you delete the task from the UI, then from the iiq console run the "tasks" command to display any scheduled tasks. You will see a display similar to what is below 

> task 
Name State Next Execution Cron(s) 
Check expired mitigations daily 12/24/11 0:0:0 AM PST 0 0 0 * * ? 
Check expired work items daily 12/24/11 0:0:0 AM PST 0 0 0 * * ? 
Perform maintenance 12/23/11 11:45:0 AM PST 0 0/5 * * * ? 

Find the task you want, then issue the "terminateOrphans" command, and yu will get the following WARNING: 

> terminateOrphans 
usage: cleanupOrphans please 
WARNING: Doing this from the console may cause valid results 
for tasks running under an application server on this machine to 
be deleted. If you are sure there are no tasks add the command 
argument "please". 
> terminateOrphans please 

that should stop the task completely, allowing you to run the task again cleanly. 

But with every Console command of this type please use with caution as unexpected results can occur