How can I determine if the Access Governance Suite Task and Request Schedulers are running?

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  • 15-Jul-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012


In order to determine if your IIQ Task and Request Schedulers are running you will need look at the iiq/debug->about page where you will see the following Server Information.

Host Name                                  Access Governance SuiteSP
Task Scheduler Hosts    
Task Scheduler Status            Running
Request Processor Hosts    
Request Scheduler Status     Running

If you try and check this status via the iiq console status command it will show the following:

\IIQ\WEB-INF\bin>iiq console
> status
Task scheduler is stopped
Request scheduler is stopped
This is Normal because the application server under which Access Governance Suite runs, uses a different JVM then the Access Governance Suite console and the Access Governance Suite console's JVM doesn't start a Task or Request Scheduler.