How can I change the Verbiage on a pop up ?

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  • 03-Jun-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012



1) I want to add some verbiage on the finish pop-up box that appears when users have to sign-off on certification. Could you please tell me what files need to be modified and where this verbiage is stored?

2) I also want to add some verbiage on the message pop-up when users select 'Approve All' or 'Revoke All'. Again, need to know what files need to be modified and where this verbiage is stored?


1)Copy (ctrl+c) the following below(a,b,c) entries and paste (ctrl+v) them in
Access Governance Suite_HOME\ WEB-INF\classes\sailpoint\web\messages\
2) Don't change the key values; change only the text as per requirement.
3) After adding the entries in your iiqcustom file restart your Tomcat (Server).

a) For Signoff complete pop-up
inst_sign_off_msg=You have taken action on all items in this report. To complete the certification, however, you must sign off on all of the certification decisions that were selected. By doing this, you certify that all decisions - either selected by yourself or a delegate - are correct to the best of your knowledge
inst_click_finish=Click <b>Finish</b> to sign off on the certification report or <b>Cancel</b> to further review the decisions before signing off.

b) For Approve all
inst_confirm_entity_approval=Are you sure that you want to approve all items without decisions?  Click <b>Approve</b> to approve the items, or <b>Cancel</b> to return to the work item.

c) For Revoke all
info_bulk_remediation_recipient=The configured remediator takes precedence over the one specified on this panel. The recipient supplied on this panel is used as a backup in the event that no remediator is configured for the items being revoked.