How can I add a manager as a filter attribute on the Manage Certification Report screen.

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  • 08-Jul-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012


Any searchable identity attribute becomes a filter attribute. You cannot filter on the existing manager attribute. The best approach would be to an extended attribute, make it searchable and populate it with the manager value. The document attached to the case outlines the steps to do the same.

Addition of the "Manager" in the filter Solution:

 In order to populate manager as a filter attribute on Manage Certification Report screen, we need to add the manger attribute value in Identity Mappings.
Steps to add manager as a filter attribute:

1.    Go to System Setup †’ Identity Mappings.

2.    Now add Manager's attribute value with Searchable of type and add source mappings as shown below and click on save button.

3.    At Application configuration level perform appropriate correlation for Manager's attribute (see Attachment)

4.    Now run Account Aggregation for the Application.

5.    After, run the Refresh Identity Cube with enabling the Refresh manager status.

6.    Now create application owner certification and click on Add Filter link.

7.    Select the Manager attribute value from the "Filter By" drop down(superID). List of Manager's will appear as shown below. (see Attachment)

Now select the manager and click on "Filter" Button to filter the items based on the manager's value